Artisan blends

Individually hand blended essential oils for use in a diffuser/oil burner, mixing into a carrier oil or other base product for use on the skin or in the bath. Depending on the viscosity of the blend there will be around 200 drops which should last a frequent user around 2-3 months when using a diffuser/oil burner. If adding to base products you will be able to make approximately five 200ml bottles.

Typically I use four essential oils to create a blend. 

If you would like to pay for a product in instalments drop me an email stating which item you would like and I will send you a PayPal invoice. You will be able to pay amounts that suit you over a period of time that suits. >>

If ordering a seasonal or cherish blend once you have paid for the item in full I will post it out to you, prior to this I will send a sample once an initial payment has been made. If you are purchasing a bespoke blend, we can book the consultation slot once the balance has been paid. 


10ml seasonal essential oil blend

Starting with the winter solstice 2020, I will blend an essential oil for the season ahead. Prior to dispatch I will post you a complimentary sample of the scent profile to ensure you like the aroma, if not I will issue a full refund. The batch will be limited to 50 bottles and all orders will be dispatched on 14 December.

If you would prefer there is a scent profile only option. 

The scent profile is the essential oil blend infused in shea butter. Packaged in a 15ml aluminium pot that is perfect for popping in your pocket and using on pulse points when needed. 

Each year the blend will differ but will be built around a specific essential oil. Winter: sandalwood. Spring: helichrysum. Summer: melissa and Autumn: neroli. 

winter 20: cypress, sandalwood, bergamot and vetivert.

To ground, balance and bring a sense of calm during periods of change. 

This blend is not suitable for use in pregnancy.

Order deadline: 7 December 

winter solstice essential oil


10ml cherish essential oil blend

For those that like to celebrate Valentines Day an exquisite blend of rose, sandalwood, jasmine and elemi. Whether you buy it to cherish yourself or someone you love, it has a heady aroma so only a tad is needed. Cherish will only be available annually and for 2021 will be limited to 10 bottles. When ordering for the first time I will post a complimentary scent profile to ensure you like it, if not a full refund will be issued. All orders will be dispatched on 7 February. 

If you would prefer there is a scent profile only option. 

This blend is not suitable for use in pregnancy. But is ideal for use in the early stages of labour and aiding postnatal recovery. 

Order deadline: 1 February

cherish essential oil


10ml bespoke essential oil blend 

A 30-60 minute consultation will take place via telephone, FaceTime or Zoom. You will need to fill out a health questionnaire in advance so that we can go through it during the call. A bespoke essential oil blend will then be designed to support your personal needs that we have discussed and I will post you the scent profile to ensure you like the aroma. Upon approval I will dispatch your essential oil, including instructions of various uses, via Royal Mail.  

Once you purchase your session, submit the form below to request your consultation slot. I will confirm the date and time via text or email based on your preference, alongside the health questionnaire. Please note that I do not monitor emails 24/7 so allow 48 hours before following up.

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