When you need a balm to soothe the psyche: a choice of five made with organic shea butter infused with essential oils to use on pulse points as and when needed. 

spring: elemi, cedarwood, helichrysum and bergamot. Grounding, calming, nurturing. 

summer: litsea, melissa, bergamot and ginger. Uplifting, soothing, regulating.  

autumn: bergamot, benzoin, jasmine, and French lavender. Warming, sedative, restorative. 

winter: cypress, sandalwood, bergamot and vetivert. Balancing, replenishes, brings tranquility. 

relax & destress: french lavender, frankincense, sandalwood and neroli. Harmonising, comforting, rejuvenating. 

When you need a balm to soothe your aches and pains: organic shea butter infused with essential oils for use topically on areas where you need some relief. 

muscle ease: rosemary, black pepper, ravensara and ginger. Warming, stimulating, alleviates muscular fatigue. 

With the exception of relax & destress, the balms cannot be used in pregnancy. In addition muscle ease cannot be used by those with high blood pressure. 

Postal days: Wednesdays & Saturdays. 

relax & destress
muscle ease


Buy a bundle: four 15ml balms for £20.

balm one
balm two
balm three
balm four