Individually hand blended balms designed to bring mind, body and soul into alignment. There are 2 choices of label material: black sparkly vinyl and brown kraft paper. If gifting a personal message can be added.

When you need a balm to soothe the psyche: there is a choice of five. They are perfect for popping in your pocket and using on pulse points as and when needed. They all contain bergamot therefore transition well. And if you follow cyclical living these blends can be utilised with the corresponding energy of the lunar phase or your menstrual cycle.  

spring: elemi, cedarwood, helichrysum and bergamot. Grounding, calming, relaxing. Cyclical living: first quarter moon and follicular phase.

summer zest: litsea, melissa, bergamot and ginger. Uplifting, soothing, regulating. Cyclical living: full moon and ovulation. 

summer zen: ylang ylang, melissa, litsea and bergamot. Mellow, soothing, regulating. Cyclical living: full moon and ovulation. 

autumn: bergamot, benzoin, jasmine, and french lavender. Warming, sedative, restorative. Cyclical living: last quarter moon, luteal phase and peri-menopause.

winter: cypress, sandalwood, bergamot and vetivert. Centres, replenishes, brings tranquility. Cyclical living: new moon, menstruation and menopause. 

Balms for use topically on areas where you need some relief. 

muscle ease: rosemary, black pepper, ravensara and ginger. Warming, stimulating, alleviates muscular fatigue. Also ideal for winter ills. 

relax & destress: french lavender, frankincense, sandalwood and neroli. Harmonising, comforting, rejuvenating. 

cherish: rose, sandalwood, jasmine and elemi. Balancing and nurturing, use during periods of change and crisis. Cyclical living: menstruation, labour and menopause.  

With the exception of relax & destress (after the first trimester) the balms should not be used in pregnancy. Cherish can be used topically on the lower back and abdomen in the early stages of labour and continued postpartum on pulse points when emotional support is needed.

Muscle ease should not be used by those with high blood pressure and epilepsy. It is not compatible with homeopathic remedies. 

Please note that shea butter is a natural product, therefore the texture will differ within each batch and the season. 

The blends are also available as a 10ml pure essential oil >>