Cyclical Living

A course and seasonal journal, the aims of which are;

  • Raise awareness of how nature's rhythms can affect us and how you ‘roll’ with the ebbs and flow of life.
  • Observe how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. 
  • Develop a better understanding of all these aspects of yourself and how you actually feel. 
  • Identify external factors that may impact your wellbeing.
  • Pinpoint any changes in health, to facilitate discussions with health professionals. 
  • Encourage regular self-care, rather than waiting until a tipping point/burnout. 

The course, currently in development is split into three parts;

  • Part one: the cyclical path - a choice of text depending on whether you will be primarily following the lunar cycle or menstrual cycle.
  • Part two: seasons and biorhythms.
  • Part three: archetypes - outside influences and our belief system that impact us on a day to day basis. 

The journal (undergoing second round of testing), an initial tester review;

'Completing the journal took me back took me back to being younger when I used to do a daily diary of my outpourings!

This made me realise how much more self-aware I was...I liked having sections to fill in and got into the habit of recalling the information for this quickly.

What I found extremely useful was how much your mood and emotions can change from one day or even half day to the next...I liked keeping a check on that and realising the triggers. It definitely helps with anxiety to have a record like this and for me helped bring a little more control and realisation.

Overall I found it very positive...and you were right it only took a few minutes to complete at the start and end of the day.'

The course will be available as a free resource to anyone with an interest in cyclical living. To understand and be in tune with energy within and outside of yourself is empowering and can help you take control of your wellbeing. Knowledge which I feel should be accessible to everybody. 

In addition there will be the opportunity to enrol in a masterclass for those that want to dig deeper. This won't be offered as a free resource but there will be pay it forward places available and the chance to subsidise a spot if you chose. 

Release dates: tbc