dog walking

Each session we will pick up your dog, take them for a woodland walk and finish off with a run about on a secure field. If needed we will give them a rinse down and towel dry before returning them home for a nap. 

The walk/run about session lasts an hour in total, which provides both sensory and physical stimulation for your dog's overall wellbeing. 


weekend walks  £15

early morning solo walk

11:30am group walk 

1:30pm group walk 

3:30pm group walk

evening solo walk 

Dogs from the same household are charged at £5 per extra dog.

group walks are good for your dog's socialisation, we will never walk more than four dogs per session.

*nb for group walks we will pick your dog up, up to half an hour before the session start time.

areas covered: Norton, Sandymoor and Windmill Hill

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