Essential Oil Blends

Individually hand blended pure essential oils for use in a oil burner, mixing into a carrier oil or other base product for use on the skin or in the bath. Depending on the viscosity of the blend there will be around 200 drops which should last a frequent user around 2-3 months when using a oil burner. If adding to base products you will be able to make approximately ten 100ml bottles.  

With the exception of relax & destress, the oils cannot be used in pregnancy. In addition muscle ease cannot be used by those with high blood pressure. 

10ml seasonal essential oil blend: £40

spring: elemi, cedarwood, helichrysum and bergamot. Grounding, calming, nurturing. 

summer zest: litsea, melissa, bergamot and ginger. Uplifting, soothing, regulating.

summer zen: ylang ylang extra, melissa, litsea and bergamot. Mellow, soothing, regulating.

autumn: bergamot, benzoin, jasmine, and french lavender. Warming, sedative, restorative. 

winter: cypress, sandalwood, bergamot and vetivert. Balancing, replenishes, brings tranquility. 

10ml relax & destress essential oil blend: £50. French lavender, frankincense, sandalwood and neroli.

10ml muscle ease essential oil blend: £20. Rosemary, black pepper, ravensara and ginger.

10ml cherish essential oil blend: £95. Rose, sandalwood, jasmine and elemi. 

10ml pure essential oils