Happiness is...

mainly the little things

Happiness is a skill, it needs to be cultivated. Just like we should regularly exercise our minds and body, we also need to regularly practice happiness. 50% of our happiness is genetic, we all know people who are naturally morose or ‘happy clappy’ - you know, those people who make good children’s TV presenters.

Just 10% of happiness is our circumstances, what job we have, what money we make, where we live and social status. It is ironic these are the smallest contributors to happiness, when we are taught that these are the things we should focus on if we want to be happy.

The remaining 40% of our happiness is created by intentional activity. Studies consistently show that reminding ourselves of the good things that happen each week and noting them down means we end up happier, more satisfied with our lives and optimistic about the future.

It can be hard to keep a routine of writing our happy moments. So at the beginning of 2015 along with a few others I started an on-line project that five of us continued throughout the year. Each week we would share 3 good things and I would email some ‘little inspiration’ tips to get the happiness juices flowing.

As you can imagine over the course of a year each of us had a challenging time at some point. So occasionally some people missed a week when life was busy or they were going through a difficult time or heartbreaking event. It is important to acknowledge feelings of sadness, grief or anger and to sit with them for a while as all feelings are valid. The key though is not to allow them to become all consuming as they will ultimately lead to negative effects on health and wellbeing. Once you have given yourself some space, you can again begin to look for those tiny moments of happiness.

I am currently tweaking the original project and will be offering it as a 45 week course. Drop me a line if you would like to register your interest >>