• Your blends seem a bit pricey, why is that?

I use premium essential oils and with the exception of muscle ease all of my blends contain at least one of the precious oils. The cost is also reflective of my expertise as an aromatherapist to formulate a well structured, well balanced oil. Initially I select essential oils whose properties will create the most effective synergistic blend for my desired outcome. I then structure the blend to layer the oils in a harmonious scent profile to be aesthetically pleasing. There can be a number of variants before I reach the sweet spot. 

Additionally the cost reflects the time it takes me to make each order. I am aware that the pricing may not fit into everyones general budget and can offer the option of an instalment plan. To purchase all four seasonal blends spreading the cost through the year is just over £3 per week. 

  • Why aren't your oils available all year round?

Making essential oil blends is something that I love to do. Doing it year round other factors come into play such as generating a sustainable income and constantly marketing. Which for me personally sucks the joy out of it. I make my own products every three months so it made sense to offer the same in this space.

  • Why do you only make a certain number of bottles?

There is a limit to how many blends I can make in the time that I have available. And as I am an advocate for health and wellbeing it would be hypocritical to stretch myself too thin.

  • Do you make up a large volume and decant into bottles?  

Nope. I add the drops of the different essential oils individually to each 10ml bottle, so that the blends profile is how I structured it. Once you scale things up integrity is lost.

  • Why is there a delay between making a payment and the oil being dispatched?

The blends are all made to order and it is more efficient for me to make, label and package a number of bottles in one go rather than a bottle here and there. In addition this process ensures optimal freshness and minimises waste. 

  • When will I receive my order?

I will post the blends a week before each equinox and solstice via a Royal Mail signed for service. If you are paying by instalments and the last payment falls after my scheduled postal date, I will post your blend 2-3 days following the settlement of your invoice. 

  • Do you provide instructions? 

Yes. Each order comes with an information notelet and you are welcome to contact me if you have any additional questions. 

  • Can your blends be used in pregnancy?

Only relax and de-stress can be used in pregnancy, after the first trimester. 

  • Can I make a purchase as a gift?

Yes. Simply provide me with the recipients address and I will send it on your behalf with a handwritten (or typewritten, if preferred) message of your choosing. If the gifting day occurs before the postal window I will send a scent profile and a card outlining the blends details and expected delivery date, alongside your message. 

  • Can I order more than one bottle?

Yes. There are no limits to how many you can order. The payment system will automatically close when the batch limit has been reached. 

  • How much is P&P?

Postage and packing is included in the price of the blend. 


If you have any further questions or would like to discuss an instalment plan, drop me an email.