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The Principle of Chi, Unbalance and Illness

Chi also known as prana or life energy is the driving force behind our thoughts, creativity and growth. Everything has this subtle energy including inanimate objects, it can be identified as electromagnetic fields in physics and seen in Kirlian photography. It is that sense that you feel people giving off energetically, which gives us sayings such as; “You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.”, “I don't know what it is about them, they just give me a bad vibe."

The energy system correlates to the endocrine and nervous systems. (The former is the body’s functions that run on autopilot. That latter links us to the physical world, via the five senses). Any imbalance in the flow of energy manifests itself as illness. Physically, mentally or emotionally. There are seven major energy points that I will outline in the context of the pandemic, which we are currently living through. The insights can be used as a basis for you to examine how other life events can cause dis-order and dis-ease.

The throat energy centre corresponds to the thyroid gland, which produces hormones that affect metabolism. It influences the larynx, jaw, gums, teeth, ears and shoulders. So any imbalance will show up in these areas. In particular sore throats, lack of voice, perpetual colds, a stiff neck and frequent headaches. Away from the physical; deception, feeling silenced and difficulty expressing yourself could indicate that you are out of sync. 

This energy centre is the bridge between inner self and outer creation and there is a unique connection with the sacral energy centre as both govern creativity and emotions.

In relation to creativity, the sacral centre formulates the idea and the throat centre manifests the inspiration in a way that is unique to oneself. Take my seasonal blend winter: 20 for example. Other people have had and will have this idea. However the blend itself is unique to me. I have chosen the oils and the ratios, based upon my knowledge and personal experience. 

Additionally I have put it out in the world. Revealing oneself is exposing and it takes the confidence of the throat energy centre to do so. 

So, someone may say they don’t like my blend. Someone may say they have a better one. Someone may say they don’t like my price point… and it goes on. How do I respond to these critiques? It depends on how ‘centred’ I am.

This premise applies to any creative pursuit and expression of oneself. 

Expressing oneself, is not just creatively but literally. Verbal and non verbal; how we speak to people and how we convey what our thoughts and values are.

To refer back to last week; the heart energy centre. We looked at issues that may have come to the fore during the pandemic. This is where, when in tune with our throat energy centre, we will be vocal on our stance. 

We can vocalise our emotions/feelings on issues that hold true for ourselves and stand up for what we believe in, beyond the social conditioning that we have been brought up with. Plus be able to say what we want without hurting others. 

In addition, when we have said our piece we need to ‘let go’. If what we are saying doesn’t resonate with those we are speaking to. As holding onto things that we have no control over can lead to resentment and anger. Ergo…that fire in the belly of the solar plexus centre.

An under active throat centre can present as someone introverted and shy. Insecure and timid. Unable to express themselves. 

Alternatively, an over active throat centre can show a person to be; loquacious, dominate in conversations, a bad listener, a malicious gossiper, verbally aggressive, mean, overly critical, condescending, rude, arrogant and have no filter between what’s on their mind and what comes out of their mouth.

Speech patterns are vibrations that impact on eardrum of the listener. The voice communicates not just words but emotions. A verbal assault effects us in the same way as physical one…a comment can be ‘a slap in the face’ so be mindful of your tone with others. 

Self care:

  • Sing, hum, whistle, chant, laugh. These are all good vibrational exercises for the throat and the ears.  
  • Practice: Talking things out. Be open and honest with close family and friends about issues or emotions that are important to you. 
  • Write it down: When expressing ourselves to others it is important not to be mean or hurtful. However, being able to express yourself without censoring or editing is equally as valuable. Do this within the pages of a journal or an unsent letter. 
  • Yoga: Explore asanas that will open up the neck and shoulders.
  • Essential oils: chamomile, cypress, peppermint, eucalyptus, frankincense, geranium, ginger, helichrysum, jasmine, lavender, sage, ravensara, rosemary.

Fun fact, do these sayings ring a bell? Biting one's tongue, choked up, mealy mouthed.

NEXT WEEK: brow energy centre 

The next series, re: seasonal living starts on 20 December.

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"Just for today do not worry - Dr Usui. 


Winter Trio

10ml each of bergamot, cypress and vetivert. Three of the four essential oils that I have used within my winter: 20 blend. Perfect for the season ahead to support your wellbeing. They can be used individually or you can create your own blend. 

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