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All paintings are originals and I am happy to send additional photograph's, simply drop me an email >>

Measurements are in inches and each piece is sprayed with a matte archival varnish, so if desired there is no need to frame behind glass.

A complimentary frame is supplied with all paintings and the price includes postage but excludes customs charges.

£ 165 

Diptych: each 5 x 7 within 10 x 8 frames. Ampersand textured boards.

£ 165 

Diptych: each 8 x 8. Ampersand smooth boards. 

£ 165 

Diptych: 5 x 7 each. Ampersand textured boards. 

£ 240 

Triptych: each 8 x 8. Ampersand smooth boards.